About Fisher Hall

All Are Welcome

Dorm Culture

Whether a First Year engineer or Senior finance major, every resident of Fisher Hall is a Fisherman. In fact, the community in Fisher is so strong that friendships often bridge class year, major, dorm geography (4a vs. 1b), and the like. As one of the smaller dorms on campus, Fisher is a tight-knit community where almost everyone knows each other by name.

The men of Fisher build community through service, faith, athletics, and more. In particular, the Fisher Regatta, our signature event, is a big part of who we are.

Above all, Fisher Hall is a place of mutual respect. As such, every resident of Fisher is called upon to treat his brothers with respect and to live out the motto that “all are welcome in this place.”

Dorm History

Founded in 1952, Fisher Hall has been the premiere residence hall on the campus of the University of Notre Dame for sixty-three incredible years. Throughout its glorious existence, residents of the Cadillac of Dorms have strived to push the limits of dorm involvement, participating in a host of activities ranging from the fun and creative to spiritual- and service- oriented projects.

Originally a housing for 156 seniors, Fisher Hall was dedicated by Sally Fisher to her late husband Fred Fisher, former member of the Board of Trustees. At the time of construction, Fisher was only the 2nd dorm to have a social lounge. Summer 2001 renovations included new social space and a new chapel.

Fisher Hall has also housed its fair share of celebrities and Notre Dame legends. NBA stars LaPhonso Ellis (’92) and Orlando Woolridge (’81) once walked our halls. The one and only Regis Philbin (’53) called Fisher Hall home as well. And the legend among legends, Joe Montana (’79), is proud to call himself a Fisherman.

Room Information

A majority of the rooms are either singles (40% of rooms) or doubles (50% of rooms). About 10% of the rooms are 4-man suites. There are a handful of private bathrooms in Fisher Hall.

Giving Back at Fisher

Charity is a central part of life in Fisher Hall. Every year, residents commit themselves to making a difference, whether that be on campus, at home, or around the world. In recent years, Fishermen have worked to help St. Adalbert's School in South Bend, a partnership that has greatly benefitted both parties. Over the past 2 years, the hall has raised $12,000 for the school through a series of hall led events, funds that were used to refurbish the St. A's gym and hospitality room. This year, Fisher hopes to raise the $8,000 necessary to construct the school's first Science Lab. Overall, Fisher Hall finds charity to be part of its identity, as it helps us to bring ourselves to each other and our community.