Summer 2017 Refresh

Last summer, Fisher Hall got a makeover! In addition to new paint and furniture in our common spaces, we also got new study rooms on every floor. 

Basement Lounge

Many Fishermen study down here, and there are fun games to use as much needed study breaks. In addition to Billards and Table Tennis, the men of Fisher can enjoy a fresh grilled cheese at our famous Ellie's Deli. 

B2 1    B3 3

B4 4






"The Pit"

This is the best group study lounge on campus (in our opinion)

B5 5







Basement Study Room

Pictured: Peter working on his start up!

B6 6














Laundry Room

Fisher Hall: nicest smelling dorm since 1952



If you love to cook, this is the place for you


Weight Room

Fisher is undeniably the strongest dorm on campus 

B7 7