Move In Checklist

Make sure you call your roommate and decide who’s bringing what!

What to bring:

  • a fan (or fans)
  • alarm clock
  • refrigerator
  • carpet
  • dry erase board
  • duct tape
  • extension cords
  • surge protector
  • headphones
  • poster tape
  • cups & plates
  • towels/towel rack
  • shower caddy
  • shower shoes (flip flops)
  • comforter
  • sheets (extra long twin)
  • posters
  • dorm decorations
  • swimming suit for swim test


  • crates
  • bike & bike-lock
  • gym bag
  • detergent (also sold on campus)
  • stereo speakers
  • DVDs, CDs, Video Games, etc.
  • small table
  • small couch/futon
  • tv
  • printer (there is a printer in the dorm)

Not to bring:

  • candles
  • microwave
  • toaster / hot plate

Green Move In Guide

Sustainability is a University priority at Notre Dame. Our commitment to reducing our collective environmental impact requires the participation of the whole campus community to succeed. You can help support the Green Wave’s commitment to go green by following these suggestions:

As you prepare for move-in day…


  • Printers are conveniently located in every residence hall and each student is given an ample print quota, so you don’t necessarily need your own printer. Also, please print double sided.
  • Refrigerators use a lot of energy and take up precious space: talk to your roommate about the possibility of sharing a fridge and make sure that it is an Energy Star model.
  • TVs and game systems also use a lot of energy – even when off, they draw power unless they’re unplugged. Discuss sharing these items with your roommate and choose an Energy Star TV.


  • Consider purchasing compact fluorescent lighy bulbs (CFL’s) instead of incandescent bulbs.
  • If you purchase a floor lamp, avoid “medusa” lamps and other styles requiring many bulbs.

Once you’re on campus…


  • Surge protectors protect your computer and enable you to easily save energy: just plug your computer, iPod, phone charger, and other appliances into the strip and flip it off when you leave.
  • A reusable water bottle will serve you well on campus and avoid the environmental impacts of bottled water. If you prefer the taste of filtered water (which you will in Fisher), a Brita pitcher will come in handy as well.


  • Notre Dame has a campus-wide policy that heating be set below 75° and air conditioning between 70° and 75°; for more information on how this policy operates in your dorm, visit and click on Building Specific Thermostat Information. Fisher’s thermostats are temperamental at best, so this decision is often made for you.
  • Please visit to understand how the thermostat in your room works. If your thermostat does not seem to be working correctly, please contact your RA to request repairs. Seriously, just ask.


  • All residence halls are part of the campus-wide single stream recycling system. Glass, styrofoam, aluminum, cardboard, and all types of plastic and paper can be combined in the same recycling bin in your dorm room. There’s no need to sort or rinse containers. Many Fishermen even switch the recycling and trash cans, because so much can be recycled.
  • A couple of things should not go in the recycling bin. Food should go in the trash.Batteries, toner cartridges, electronics, and light bulbs should go in specially designated recycling – ask your RA or email if you have questions.
  • Please make sure to recycle all your cardboard boxes and packing materials after moving in.


  • Sign up for the GreeND weekly student environmental newsletter by emailing
  • Check out the Office of Sustainability website at for news and information on all things related to campus sustainability
  • If you have any questions, please email