Notre Dame Weblinks
-University of Notre Dame Home Page.
-First Year of Studies Home Page. All of you will be enrolled in the FYS program for your first year at ND.
-Your new home page. Gmail is where you will get all your ND email, chat with your new friends, collaborate on Google Drive, and share calendars.
-Your one stop shop for finding student information. Spent some time looking at all the resources available to you!
-Your class resource site. Most professors will post syllabi, class notes, and readings on this webpage.
-Want to know when the dining halls open and close? Want to know tomorrow’s menu? Come here.
-Office of Information Technology. Home to all your technology answers.
-Believe or not, you can view your new home under the dome using these webcams. You can also find some excellent ND wallpapers and audio!
-Get to know the other (inferior) dorms around campus!