The Cadillac

Welcome to Fisher Hall, or as we refer to it with fondness, The Cadillac. We feel this nickname is befitting, not because our academic and athletic excellence rivals that of other halls (though we might argue that it does), but because our sense of community and togetherness finds no equal anywhere else on campus. From the Car Smash to the Funk, and everything in between, Fisher Hall believes in the importance of unity and inclusion. One encounter with our rector, Mazz, or any of our residents is all it takes to understand why the campus thinks of us as the Friendly Fishermen.



That's right. Fisher Hall is indeed the home of the most legendary signature event on campus, an annual occasion rooted in prestige and tradition. The Fisher Regatta, in all its fame and glory, is known to everyone on campus for its infectious atmosphere of hawks, tanks, and boats.

Regatta Hawk

Regatta Boat

Regatta Tank

Fisher Hall is not a humble stone building with a bold green F. It is a brotherhood, one that grows with each new class of First Years, and that, through its ideals of community, earns the nickname of The Cadillac.