St. Adalbert

Fishermen help the South Bend community in a variety of ways, through many generous acts of service. Fisher has a strong service program, and there are ample opportunities for incoming freshmen to get involved. During this school year, we have raised funds to donate to St. Adalbert Catholic School, as well as supporting the Holy Cross Missions in Bengladesh.
One initiative Fisher Hall has undertaken this year is adopting St. Adalbert Catholic School (left), helping them out in numerous ways. We have visited many times to help foster a sense of community with residents of Fisher and students at St. Adalbert's. Fisher has also helped in purchasing the new chairs for their first grade, as well as supporting their Festival this year. Our next goal will be to help them refinish their gym floor. St. Adalbert's is an Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) school, and we are proud of our new relationship with them.


Those interested in becoming involved in Fisher volunteering should watch out for any dorm announcements concerning service opportunities and look out for service commissioner Dan Passon. We would also love to hear from you with any suggestions or ideas that would help us in our mission of service.


St Adalberts Soccer Game

On the Monday before the start of classes, our newest Fishermen headed over to St. A's for the first time to volunteer and see the result of our donations over the years. Pictured below are a group of First Years surrounding the Fisher "F" that appears on the new floor of the St. A's gym, which our hall helped sponsor two years ago. 

Img 6636