Meet the Hall Staff

Fisher Hall Staff 17-18

Fisher Hall Staff 17 18

Fisher is known for consistently having the best hall staff on campus each year. Your RA’s and hall staff members are some of the best resources you’ll have regarding academics, dorm life, and all the questions that will arise once you get on campus, so make sure to say hello when you arrive.

Head Staff

  • Rector - Rick Mazzei

  • Assistant Rector (AR) - Tevin Hopkins

  • Assistant Rector (AR) - Michael Szopiak

  • Resident Priest - Father Tim Scully, CSC

  • Resident Priest - Father Tim Mouton, CSC

Resident Assistants

  • Basement - Jack Kessler
  • 1st Floor - Patrick Murday
  • 2nd Floor - Patrick Renner
  • 3rd Floor - Dalton Flynn
  • 4th Floor - Jordan Foster

Hall Government

  • President - Dan Blackburn
  • Vice Presidents - Matt Klauer & Loyal Murphy
  • Student Senator - Jim Deitsch
  • Student Union Board Representative - Ryan O'Callaghan